Saturday, July 28, 2012

Ansley's First Photo Shoot

Ansley's first photo shoot at home at 6 days old ... 

This is the only "family" photo ... during our first pose this naked baby girl used the bathroom all over mommy's white shirt ... and thats a wrap. Ha!!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Maternity Pictures

June 27th (5 days before delivery) ... 100 degrees outside
Travis was quite the trooper to endure having his picture taken and hot weather in one event. Ha!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ansley's First Week at Home

Watching Texas Ranger Baseball on tv with grandpa ...

Spa Night!! Those sharp little newborn nails filed down, sponge bath and massage before bedtime.  We are teaching daddy how we girls do it right from the beginning!  

First sponge bath ...

Our first outing!! Headed to the pediatrician's office for my newborn visit ...

Doctor said we have a perfectly healthy baby girl!!  We left the hospital at 5.13 and you weighed 5.14 at this visit on Friday.  You have a little yellow tint from a touch of jaundice, which is will resolve with increased feeding, pooping and sun bathing.  

Sun bathing in your room when we got home

Im a breech baby and I sleep with my legs straight up in the air .... 

.... or I dream of Jeannie style

So my mommy makes me do tummy time and stretch out my hips. Ha!

Meet your new best friend ... Chopper came home on Saturday

Watching the baseball game on the patio after dinner ... 

The first of many "watching the game with daddy" moments ..

Baby girl, you are so perfect and sweet and we are so in love with you! We are setting new records with how many pictures can be taken of a baby in one day.