Friday, November 23, 2012

Christmas ... Lights of the Ozarks

 "Lights of the Ozarks" is a special Christmas light display at the Fayetteville Square.  The lights are turned on with festivities on the square, a parade and pictures with Santa.  Ansley loves looking at lights of all kinds .. and she especially loved all the twinkly christmas lights.  Travis cant wait to take her around looking at more lights this season  ...

 Our first ever Christmas picture with Santa is absolutely an awkward one. Ha!!

Happy Halloween!!

Family pumpkin carving, roasted pumpkin seeds and chicken spaghetti ... good times!!
I'm proud of my daddy's Razorback ... 

Daycare outfit ...  

Costume change and Trick or Treating on the Fayetteville Square with friends!!

Refusing to smile for mommy cause she said I cant eat the candy yet ... 

 Our little buddy Braxton .. Argh!!

Trick or Treating in the neighborhood with friends via stroller chauffeur ... 

Ansley at FOUR months

STATS:  25th% weight, 75th% height, 10th% head circumference; 13 pounds, 25 inches

Sweet girl, you are growing up and becoming a big girl so fast.  You are so much fun as your sweet and sassy little personality is starting to flourish.  Early morning is your prime time!! You wake up happy and ready to play with big smiles and giggles early every morning.  You laugh and smile at happy faces.  You love to play with your feet and eat your hands and anything else you can manage to get to your mouth.  You are starting to attempt reaching and grabbing, although its more of an accident than anything when you do end up with a handful.  You eat 4-5 ounces every 3 hours, and you absolutely do not tolerate being a minute late.  You sleep 3-4 hours during the night and nothing we have tried has increased that sleep time ... you just don't tolerate missing out on your milk!! You and your daddy have a date every morning when you call him from your bed around 5:00am and he snuggles you in the bed with him until your morning bottle.  We love your sweet cuddles!! 

You graduated to your "big girl" pacifier. Hooray!! You wear 3-6 month footed sleepers because of your length, and you are just now fitting into your 0-3 clothes.  You graduated up to size 2 diapers and you moved from the co-sleeper at my bedside to the pack and play at my bedside.  You were getting too long for the co-sleeper and you have a bit more room to wiggle around in the pack and play.  Mommy has finally graduated to being able to sleep beside you without the lamp light on.  Hooray for progress! You are still an arms reach away and I don't know that you will ever be able to move into your own room ... that may require mommy to take medication. Ha!

Calling the Hogs with daddy and my buddy Braxton ...

Afternoon date at the park in mid October ... 

 first frost of the season ... all bundled up for my appearance at the Buddy Walk

 Watching Nick's football game ... go War Eagles!! 

First time to try the Bumbo. You lasted a few seconds before you were totally over it! 

First time in the exersaucer! You liked it way better than the Bumbo and you play in it everyday. 

Mrs. Catherine made you a cute little turkey above your hook at daycare.  We love our Mrs. Catherine!! 

 You are our precious little angel and we love love love your sweetness and your smiles!!