Sunday, December 30, 2012

Merry Christmas!!!

Santa was here!!! 

 .... and he brought lots of fun toys!!

 He brought Chopper toys and treats too!!

 Daddy talked to Santa about bringing you a Red Ryder BB Gun.  We joke about you being able to gut  a deer and dance the ballet when you get older ... apparently it is never too soon to start. Ha!

This made daddy very proud! 

"Can I open this big one?!?"

Christmas Eve

 Merry Christmas Eve!! Lets make cookies for Santa!!!

All dressed up for mommy's very favorite ... Christmas Eve church service!! Cant wait to light candles and sing Christmas carols!! 

your last moments of calm before the storm .. we enjoyed the service from the car.  You were not having it. Ha!

Our stockings are hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there .... 

Tis' the Season for Christmas festivities ...

It is time to get all the Christmas festivities underway!! We are so excited to celebrate our first Christmas with our baby girl!! We did our photo shoot and designed our Christmas cards.  Mommy decorated the inside of the house and daddy put lights up on the outside.  This year we had one Christmas tree, but next year we may put up a smaller second one that you can decorate all on your own.  I cant wait!! 

We affectionately refer to this Christmas tree as "big orange" or the "Tennessee tree".  The last colors of mesh were purple or orange ... so there it is ... mommy made a big ol' orange tree. Ha!! Maybe will change these colors next year ... or maybe big orange will stay around for a while ...
loved ALL the Christmas cards we received this year!!

Your big job in Christmas prep was getting the all important photo with Santa Claus.  You got a couple practice runs before the big moment .... 

1st picture at Lights of the Ozarks on the square
 2nd picture at the TEAM talent Christmas Play

 and finally the "official" picture with the legendary Santa at the Pinnacle Promenade

We had lots of presents to wrap and you were the best little helper!! 

 You made your very first craft with Mrs. Catherine ... our most precious Christmas tree ornaments yet and the first to go on your very own tree next year!! 

Christmas this year was on a Tuesday, so your aunt Alicia, uncle Jeff and all your cousins Krysten, Klay, McKenzie and Bailey came to visit for the weekend before Christmas.

Being the seasoned light lover that you are ... you took the family to see all the lights on the square