Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The week you turned TWO … potty boot camp and the 4th of July!!

True to your personality ... it was not my idea, it was an idea all your own!!  You wanted to use the potty and you had been asking for a while, so we took the week off from work and school and potty boot camped at home during your birthday week. 
We stocked up on big girl reinforcements… 
... and set up camp.
We spent a lot of time snuggling and watching Disney movies.    

We built forts and played games to pass the time. 

We changed your baby crib into a big girl toddler bed.
 And on Wednesday, the day of your birthday, we made cupcakes for a little birthday celebration when daddy came home from work. 

 So by the time the 4th came around, we were READY to break out of the house for a little fun!! 

 We picnicked with friends and watched fireworks at Arvest Ballpark.  

Busy, but very successful week!! You rocked potty boot camp like a champ!!

Ansley's SECOND Birthday Party!!

Saturday, June 28th
Mom just got back from a week in Maine and the family had a lot going on this summer … so we birthday partied with friends with a little casual back yard fun!!

 You opened a few presents, but once you opened your new sets of pajamas, you were adamant about putting them on promptly! You would party for the rest of the day in your new PJs!! 
 Your big birthday present was your first trampoline.  Thank you daddy for putting this together for us!! You absolutely loved it!!

 We tried to get back to opening presents, with only little success ...

 … so we moved on to cake! 

 Happy Happy 2nd Birthday sweet baby girl!! We love you more than words!!