Sunday, August 30, 2015

Ansley's All American 3rd Birthday Party!!

Saturday July 4th, Ansley's All American 3rd Birthday Party!! 

Practicing her big sister role! Happy Mr. Beckett is an easy subject to practice with!!

The BIG birthday surprise, that daddy has been working on assembling for a week.  Somehow we managed to keep it a secret until the day of your party ...

 Time for the big reveal ….

 "my playground!"

 It's too hot .. time to get wet!! 

 Time for cupcakes and snacks!!

And presents … clothes from mom are ok ...

 … but a baseball glove from daddy is WAY better!!

After hamburgers and hotdogs we all loaded up to go watch fireworks and play with sparklers.


  It was a very long and busy day but you enjoyed every minute!! We had so much fun celebrating with you baby girl! You are getting so big and smart and watching you grow is a blessing everyday. 
We love you big girl!! 

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